Good news for fans of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The intrepid journalist is back for another 24 episodes this year. Yes, that is right 24 episodes. More than double what they commissioned for the first series. What that means is that instead of five stories we are going to get 12 stories, which is great as the first season did seem to finish just as it was really getting going for me.

My wife thinks it may be on twice weekly now they have 24 episodes and I am inclined to agree with her, as how many children’s series have 24 episodes seasons, and then how many of them are shown once a week? Not many I think you will find which makes the twice weekly broadcast more likely.

That is, of course, assuming that they are not just filming two series of 12 episodes back to back, one for 2008 and the other for 2009, which is another possibility.

This now means that we have Torchwood till March/April, Doctor Who from March/April to June/July, then Sarah Jane from September/October to November/Decemember, a full year of Whoniverse goodness.