Torchwood: Meat

It was only a matter of time before the character of Rhys, Gwen’s long suffering fiancé, got an episode to himself, because after all the shit that she has put him through he deserves it and he is virtually a regular with the amount of episodes he has been in to date, and he got quite a good episode to himself at that.

I do have to admit that it did take a bit of time to get going but once it got going it was another excellent episode was from the pen of Catherine Tregenna. It was quite a bit different to the Catherine Tregenna scripts of the past series in that it was more action packed that her other episodes whereas the previous episode, which was a more Tregennaish episode (at least when compared to this episode), was actually penned by Helen Raynor.

I am not sure if the point of this episode was to say that you shouldn’t eat meat, if it is badly treated (Morrissey would have been proud) or not, but that is the impression that you might have got from this episode. Would all the vegetarian viewers be sitting there all smug and everything saying I told you so to their meat eating friends?

Probably not as there was no part of the episode where it says that you shouldn’t kill animals for meat, rather that it this case the animal was obviously alive and in pain while it was being sliced apart. I think that may have been the point of the episode because there is really no moralising about the reasons why you shouldn’t eat meat at all or no diatribes on the benefits of eating vegetables present in the episode. If anything it might make you may not want to eat at any fast food establishment (in the Merthyr area or in any area quite frankly) for a while after watching either (though having said that you might not have wanted to before and definitely will never consider doing so), but it certainly won’t put you off meat, it just might make you wonder exactly what it is that you are eating at times.

There was plenty of humour in the episode with the best line coming from Ianto, after Tosh said that they could feed the world with the meat after realising that it appears to be constantly growing despite the best efforts of the bad guys to kill it, when he proclaims ‘we could release a single”.

There was some good banter going on between Rhys and Jack in the episodes, with Rhys asking Jack if he might be gay, or that it was a shame that he wasn’t a bit uglier. Tosh in this episode returns to her more supporting role and for this episode is back fancying the pants of Owen without him even being aware of it. I mean she made him his favourite sandwiches and everything, what more does she need to do?

There was some interesting direction in this episode with the quick camera pans back and forth during the scene when Rhys confronts Gwen about what he saw, and the bizarre angle he employed when the meat guys locked the team in and it looked for all the world as if the guy was lying down on the door rather than standing next to it which he was actually doing.

The ending was pretty much the correct thing to do for the alien itself. I mean it was in pain and there was no way that Torchwood could have actually nursed it back to health and then released it back into the rift, not at the size that it had grown to at that point, and also as Ianto put it where would they store it? I mean I know that the hub is rather large but is it really large enough to hold a massive alien whale cow creature. It was almost as large as the warehouse it was being stored it when Torchwood came across it in the first place so god knows how large it could have grown.

I am not sure if at the end of the episode Gwen had given Rhys a retcon pill because she stormed back into the hub at the end saying that she couldn’t bring herself to do it and then stormed back out again. Unless she gave it to Rhys when she kissed him at the end it might be possible that he was not retconned, but would they possibly allow that to happen as the only other people who see the hub who aren’t members of the team seem to end up dead.

Another good episode. 7 out of 10