Torchwood: Reset

Martha Jones is back but this is not the same Martha Jones who we last saw leaving the TARDIS at the end of Last of the Timelords, this is a Martha who is now a fully qualified Doctor and is also a medical officer for U.N.I.T. Very little of this back story is not expanded upon but I suspect that may be something to do with the appearance of Martha in the fourth series of Doctor and this may well be set after the events of The Sontaran Stratagem and that will all come to light in that story which is probably what will happen. It was nice to hear Martha’s theme again in this episode also.

Once again they didn’t assume that you had seen Doctor Who series 3 and they introduced Martha with the minimum of fuss and vague references to her past with Jack. Of course for those of us that watch both, there were some nice references to the final three episodes of the last series of Doctor Who.

Reset may even be after the series four finale, or it may not be, as since the end of series 3 she has finished her exams and got herself a reputation good enough to be courted by U.N.I.T. so it seems to me that it may have been quite a while after the events of LOTL. She certainly hasn’t seen Jack since then so it would seem unlikely that this was set after the series 4 finale which we know Martha appears in, as might Captain Jack.

It still stands, however, that this could be after the event of the first three episodes of series 4 that Martha appears in but that is an argument for later. Martha fits into the Torchwood team surprisingly well and by the mid point of the episode one the rest of team has got over Jack bringing someone else from his mysterious past to meet them it is almost as if she has always been part of the team.

It was nice that she seemed to have got over her massive crush on the Doctor and I hope that when she sees him again she doesn’t revert to her previous character trait as this is a new improved Martha who probably fits in better in Torchwood than she probably will in the fourth series of Doctor Who.

It was mainly Tosh and Gwen who were giving Martha bitchy stares when she first appeared with Owen probably thinking ‘ding dong’. Gwen seemed to warm more to Martha when she found out that she hadn’t been sleeping with Jack but when Martha asked her if she and Jack were ‘together’ in that sense methinks she doth protest a little too much. If they haven’t already then they sure want too. It’s Rhys I feel sorry for!

The little subplot starting earlier on this series finally comes to a head as Tosh actually asks Owen out on a date and he actually accepts. Go Tosh! There is a definite attraction between them on both sides but only Tosh actually admits to it, and Owen being the kind of bloke he is, just can’t bring himself to admit and would rather flirt with anyone in a skirt rather than admit his true feelings that he is actually in love with his beautiful Asian colleague. Tosh did seem to be a little jealous of the attention that Owen was paying Martha but once they had agreed to go out on a date then she changed her tune pretty quick.

Jim Robinson, sorry, Alan Dale was very good as the amoral Professor Aaron Copley and it is still unusual to hear him speaking in an American accent rather than his native Kiwi accent that we were used to in Neighbours and Young Doctors. To me, however, no matter how many baddies he plays in American television series’, or Romulan’s in Star Trek films, he will always be Jim Robinson from Neighbours to me, the only man who had an entire episode for his death scene!

I had already read a rumour on a Torchwood website that said that Owen would effectively die at the end of Reset, but even I was shocked when Jim Robinson shot him at the end of the episode. It was certainly an effective cliffhanger and it worked much better that when Suzie was killed at the end of Everything Changes because we had invested more time in the character of Owen. We might not have actually liked him, and wondered what in the hell Tosh saw in him, but it was still shocking to see a character that we had come to know quite well be shot and killed like that.

It was also very frustrating that the moment Tosh had managed to get Owen to agree to go out on a date with her, that he goes and gets himself shot and killed. You have to feel for Toshiko don’t you. Of course this is par for the course for any horror films that you care to mention when two characters decide to get together you just know what one of them will end up dead, but that totally passed me by until a few days ago, when it seemed virtually signposted by that scene, if you watch horror films that is.

Of course the big question is will Owen stay dead because, as we know, in science fiction death is not always the end for characters. We will have to wait and see if they have killed him off for good until the next episode.

The best moment of the whole episode, for Doctor Who fans that only watch Torchwood because they feel they have too and feel dirty afterwards for watching something other than Doctor Who, was the moment when Ianto gave Martha the alias Samantha Jones. Now to a lot of people this will mean bugger all but it would have really excited the members of the audience who had read and followed the 8th Doctor’s adventures by BBC books where a certain Samantha Jones was his companion for a couple of years.

Reset was another superb episode. Torchwood is getting better week-by-week and, even though I really liked the first series, this new series is a lot better.