Something old

Torchwood: Something Borrowed

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
And a silver sixpence in your shoe

There was a change in tone in this episode after the ruminations on death and mortality in the previous two episodes with a wedding episode and a comedy episode to boot! As is usual in these situations a wedding in a television programme is never going to go according to plan, as this never happens on telly, and this episode of Torchwood is no different.

What is the worse thing that can happen when you wake up on the morning of your wedding if you are the bride? A sudden outbreak of acne? Two black eyes? Waking up next to the stripper from your hen night?

gwenbump.jpgIn the case of Gwen Cooper she wakes up pregnant, which was a bit of a shock considering she hadn’t shown any signs of being pregnant the previous night at her hen night, and hasn’t probably spent enough time with Rhys to actually get pregnant in the first place. Having said that she did have a thing with Owen in the previous season but Owen in his current state wouldn’t be capable of anything let alone getting Gwen up the duff!

In hindsight it was probably not the best of ideas to have the hen night the evening before the wedding, or in Gwen’s case, it was the not the best of ideas to go chasing after a marauding shape shifting alien. She probably should have had an early night and a cup of ovaltine, but that wouldn’t have been much of an opening to the episode would it?

Working for Torchwood does has it unfortunate side effects such as Owen being undead, and in the case of Gwen getting impregnated by an alien shape-shifter the night before her wedding! I mean was there even the slightest chance of Gwen’s wedding being an incident free zone? I think not.

We even got to meet the infamous Banana Boat who has been rather like “her indoor’s” from Minder, or Maris in Frasier, being an oft mentioned but never seen character. It probably would have been better if we had not met him in this episode and kept him as a character that works better by never being seen.

We also got to find out something about Ianto’s family with the never before revealed fact that his dad is a master tailor. That might explain why he is always so smartly turned out. By the end of the episode he had added dj-ing to the growing list of his hitherto unseen talents and he probably had the best line of the episode describing the life of a Torchwood operative as working to rid Cardiff of aliens by day and then becoming the wedding fairy by night!

evilmother.jpgIt helped that the alien’s were shape-shifters as that meant that absolutely anyone at the wedding could have been the alien. Poor old Mervyn the dj found out that to his detriment by trying to cop off with the alien. Still he didn’t know any better and she was quite attractive so you can’t really blame him.

Of course the worst bit of any wedding is the agonising wait after the words about is there anyone who had any just cause or impediment why you should not get married, because you just never know who might turn up at that moment. In the case of Gwen this was bound to happen and we weren’t disappointed when Jack bounded down the aisle and demand that the wedding be stopped.

exchangingrings.jpgLuckily in the end everything went to plan and Gwen did indeed become Mrs Gwen Williams. I just wonder if they will credit her as Gwen Williams from the next episode as I was half expecting that to happen at the end of this episode. I mean they should do, as that is now the characters name, unless she has decided not to take Rhys name, as there is no law that states that a wife takes her husband surname, it is just what most women tend to do. Also, didn’t Gwen look lovely in her wedding dress, with, or without, bump?

Aside from Meat this episode was Rhys’ best episode. He got to finally stand up to Captain Jack by punching his lights out after Jack called his mother an ugly bitch, kind of like what Marco Matteratzi said to Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup Final, and he got to marry Gwen. I think that you can call that a result.

For the second episode in a row we got a comedy great (who had also appeared in Doctor Who in the 1980’s) making a guest appearance in Torchwood with Nerys Hughes playing Rhys’ mother Brenda. Nerys Hughes had a bit more to do than poor old Richard Briers did in the last episode, and she even got to play the baddie, albeit for only a few minutes.

I thought Something Borrowed was a hoot, and was a nice change of tone from the previous two episodes, which were so dark and miserable! 8 out of 10!

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  1. Adam, I much preferred the previous episode A Day in the Death. It was great, and it seemed to be a cohesive part of the overall season, unlike this one.

    Torchwood can do comedy episodes in theory, or episodes with elements of comedy (Cyberwoman I like), and I understand they were trying for a specific kind of comedy here, the farce.

    Team Torchwood not worrying about Gwen’s situation was nonsensical rather than farcical however.

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