Torchwood: Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds was certainly a shocking season finale. It provided me with a number of shocks, most of them not very nice at all. Well, I certainly didn’t see the events in this episode happening and for almost half of the episode I was convinced that it was someone other than the real culprit responsible for the dastardly deeds that happened and was sure that it was Captain John who was solely responsible for nearly blowing up half of Cardiff (as well as trying to blow up Team Torchwood), despite his protestations of innocence, but it turns out that it wasn’t him at all, but was in fact Jack’s missing brother, Gray, who had gone totally mad and wanted to destroy everything that Jack held dear.

You had no reason to expect that it was anyone other than Captain John because it just seemed so obvious that it was just him being a spurned lover, but boy did they have me fooled and I was genuinely shocked when the revelation that it was Gray who was behind it all. We then found out what had happened to Gray from the time that Jack accidentally left him behind, when their father was killed, to the time that Captain John found him, and it was obvious that he had gone totally and utterly insane and, boy, from that point on wasn’t Grey really nasty? I did like that they cast someone who does look a little bit like him as his brother, or at least more like him as he is now, than when they were little when they looked nothing like each other at all.

Some quite nasty things happened in this episode such as Jack being buried alive for 1874 years. I mean how old is Jack now? He is a lot older than the Doctor that’s for sure when you consider that he has been on Earth for a hundred and so years before this episode and then spend that amount of time buried alive and then another 107 years in suspended animation. By my reckoning that makes him at least 2000 years old! He certainly doesn’t look bad on it though. He must moisturise.

The last 100 odd years in suspended animation wouldn’t have been that bad, because at least he wouldn’t be aware of the passage of time, but he didn’t have that luxury when he was buried beneath Cardiff for nearly two millennia. He didn’t seem that pissed off when he was rescued by members of Torchwood in 1901 either (with one of them being one of the women who had recruited him into Torchwood in the first place) he was more bothered about not running into himself and crossing his own time stream. Well I suppose travelling with the Doctor had rubbed off on him a bit.

He even forgave his brother when he saw him again, which is a bit much when you consider what he had done to him and what he had been through. It must have been ten times worse than what Gray experienced, but Jack is a forgiving sort of guy and had a hell of a long time to think about things, unlike his ungrateful little brother who wasn’t the slightest bit sorry for what he had done and told Jack that he would never, ever forgive him for what happened when they were children.

I must admit I actually thought that Jack might have killed his brother when he came back but at the end he still couldn’t bring himself to actually kill him but decided to put him into suspended animation instead. Like Captain John said however he won’t all of a sudden be sorry for what he had done when he wakes up and will probably try do exactly the same thing again but I guess Jack thought it was worth the risk.

I certainly wouldn’t have forgiven him because he killed Toshiko, the bastard. I must admit I cried when Toshiko died, I just couldn’t keep it in. She had always been my favourite character in Torchwood and it was just so, so sad. She didn’t deserve to die like that but at least she managed it with a little dignity. Naoki Mori gave a fantastic performance in her last scenes and it is a real shame that she is not going to be in Torchwood any longer.

I had a strange feeling that something would happen to Tosh in this episode, I am not sure entirely why I felt this but there was some niggling doubt that she would not make it out of this series alive and sadly I was proved right. It was still bloody shocking though!

The scenes between the dying Tosh and Owen before the radiation flooded the room he was in were superb and the moment when she told Owen not to scream because he was breaking her heart was the moment that I almost lost control and burst into tears.

That was a brilliant scene, superbly written and beautifully acted. Both Burn Gorman and Naoki Mori were great in this episode and in their last scenes in particular. I laughed at the revelation that Tosh had to cover for Owen in only his second day in the job and that was the first time we ever saw Tosh, in Aliens of London. It was nice that they finally put a reference in that Tosh had also met the Doctor before, even if they didn’t manage to do until just before the character died. Still better late than never I suppose!

I thought that Exit Wounds was a fine ending to an excellent series, and I hope that Torchwood returns sometime soon, even if will be bereft of Tosh.