Doctor Who: Grand Theft Cosmos

In Grand Theft Cosmos The Doctor and Lucie become embroiled in an attempt to steal the infamous Black Diamond. I must admit that this is not standard Doctor Who fare but it did zip along at a steady pace.

The only problem was that once I had heard it it was quickly forgotten about which means that it just simply didn’t grab me and I can’t say that I am that concerned about listening to it again.

Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith are excellent in this story and the interplay between their characters is a joy to listen to as always, but that is probably the most remarkable thing about the whole production for me.

It features characters that appeared in the very first run of stories for the Doctor and Lucie, the Headhunter and Karen, and also has a guest appearance by the excellent Michael Maloney and Henry Gordon Jago himself, Christopher Benjamin.

That’s about all I can say about this story as since I have listened to it I can’t remember much about it and I really cannot be bothered to listen to it again!

Doctor Who: The Zygon Who Fell To Earth

The Zygon Who Fell To Earth is much better and features perhaps the best race of monsters ever to come out of Doctor Who after the Sea Devils and the Sontarans. There have been a number of Zygon stories over the years in the book series but this is the first time that they have been done by Big Finish and it is a welcome return for the Zygons.

Last year Paul Magrs gave us The Horror of Glam Rock a silly little tale set in a motorway service station in the 1970s where we meet with Lucie’s Auntie Pat before she became Lucie’s Aunty Pat. The Zygon Who Fell To Earth is a sequel to that story and explains why it is that the Aunty Pat that Lucie knew was nothing like the Aunty Pat that features in these stories.

It is also the unlikely story that a Zygon would fall in love with a human woman and then renounce his own kind and live as a former folk singer now running a bed and breakfast in the Lake District. This sort of conceit would only come from a story by Magrs and despite it sounding really stupid it is actually quite good.

The resolution of the story is actually quite moving despite a lot of the story being very comical. In the cast this time were Tim Brook Taylor playing a rather fey Zygon called Mimms, Malcolm Stoddard and as the titular Zygon, Steven Pacey of Blake’s 7 fame, sounding completely unrecognisable, so much so that I wouldn’t believe it was him playing the part until I had heard the cast list at the end of the episode.

Like Horror of Glam Rock this also features a song, this time entitled Falling Star and sung by Steven Pacey.

That was the last of the 8th Doctor audios broadcast on BBC Radio 7 but there are two further episodes of this run to be broadcast and I await them with baited breath.

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