W(eevi)’ll Meet Again

Torchwood: Combat

I have been looking forward to this episode of Torchwood for a long time, mainly because it was written by Mickey, himself, Noel Clarke, and I was interested in what he could come up with the show, and didn’t he do well. He actually managed to do what no other writer has done this year and manage to integrate all of the main characters into the plot and that included Tosh and Ianto doing something interesting. He deserves something for that alone really and it was nice to see them all working as a team.

I won’t even try and say that the plot was up to much, because it wasn’t. What the episode was though was a great piece of writing and also saw some strong characterisation of the regular characters, which I have always considered to be a strong point in Torchwood.

In this episode Gwen finally decided that the thing with Owen had to stop, although how long it had been going on for is up for debate as for the last couple of episodes they have seemed like they hate each other, although that might just be an act for the rest of the crew, however in this episode I think it had finally come to a head and that is why she decided to tell Rhys all about it.

Eve Myles was good in this episode as she finally admitted to Rhys that she was shagging someone else. Of course she then went and drugged him so he would not remember what she had said to him, which probably says more about her than her just breaking down and spilling her guts.

Here we see Owen really, really pissed off (he is certainly missing Diana more than he is letting on), and the final scenes with Owen and the Weevil ask more questions that it answers. He obviously has some hold over the Weevils and certainly when he pulled that (not very scary) face the Weevil was petrified. I remember reading in the Radio Times that Owen does have something going with the weevils and that he was only member of the crew who really understands them and has been training them, probably secretly for a long time.

Certainly it was nice to see the Weevils again because ever since episode two I don’t think we have seen much of them and they did seem to make a big thing of talking about them in the first episode. Perhaps something big will happen in the finale involving the Weevils.

Captain Jack let another human die in this episode as well, but as he wanted it too happen, and as he was the one who started all of the fights in the first place, then he probably deserved it, unlike the poor blokes early on in the episode, but you could also argue that Jack nowadays just isn’t bothered about that sort of thing, and is no longer the Jack people knew in the first series of Doctor Who. Then again if being killed off then bought back to life isn’t going to mess with your mind then I don’t know what would.

It was interesting that Gwen didn’t actually know about Owen and Diana but Tosh did know. That probably made Tosh feel a little better as I don’t think she really trust’s Gwen that much anymore, especially after she found that her and Owen had something going on, and she would probably have considered that some sort of small victory for her. I don’t think that she probably trusts Jack at the moment after he let the Weevil be kidnapped, but I think that in this case that was the only way that Jack could have found out why the Weevils were being kidnapped in the first place, as they didn’t even know where Owen was at that point in time, although when Gwen received the text message on of the dead guy’s phone they would have find out anyway, so you can see both Tosh and Jack’s point of view.

Certainly Tosh has the more human view of it all, because after what Jack has experienced since meeting the Doctor, I am not sure that he is entirely human anymore. That is just what I think at the moment and I could well be proved right but I always thought that there was more to Jack than meets the eye since the last few episodes of series one of Doctor Who.

It certainly does seem now that Torchwood is playing like the first series of new Doctor Who did, and that if it did not get a second series then it would just play as a 13 part, self contained, serial, I am not sure if the confirmation of a second series will make the ending different than if it had been just intended for a single series, which I am sure a lot of people would have preferred.

I have always thought that Torchwood was getting better and better with each episode and now I am convinced that they are building up to something major in the last few episodes, because this episode was a lot like Boom Town, with its rather talky character based action before the action packed finale, and certainly judging by the trailer for the finale of Torchwood they are pulling out all the stops for these two episodes, making sure that if it didn’t get beyond a second series it would have at least gone out with a bang.

We will have to see what happens on that score till New Years Day but Noel Clarke has certainly turned out a very interesting episode of Torchwood which bowled along at quite a pace despite the fact that very little actually happened.

After the previous episode with its feminine touches this episode was unashamedly masculine and I think that Noel Clarke might have seen Fight Club one too many times and this version of fight club is up there with the robot fight club from series two of Spaced. I certainly would mind seeing a Noel Clarke penned episode of series four of Doctor Who if it gets that far.

Originally posted on Dec 29, 2006

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