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Torchwood: End of Days

End of Days was a great end for the first series of Torchwood, and they certainly did pull out all the stops for this final episode and, the result was a, thrilling conclusion to what I consider to be an exciting series.

I must admit that I didn’t feel absolutely anything when I heard the TARDIS at the end (which I will assume would be most Doctor Who fans favourite moment of the whole series), mainly because I am not the slightest bit interested in the Tenth Doctor. Part of me hopes that when Jack enters the TARDIS he has a barny with the Doctor asking where the Doctor went and why he is speaking in that crap Dick Van-Dyke style accent, and then slaps him round the face with the wet end of the Doctor’s severed hand (that bit won’t happen as he didn’t take the tank with the hand in to the TARDIS with him did he?)

It can only be the Doctor really as for some reason his hand glowed when we heard the dematerialisation sound and if that wasn’t a definitive clue as to who it was I don’t know what would be, but I think it would more interesting if it was the Master who’s TARDIS Jack ran to at the end of the episode. I know that that is not very likely, but that’s just me.

Following on from the end of the previous episode we get to see the full consequences of Owen’s meddling with the rift and boy does he start to panic when he discovers the full meaning of what has happened, but doesn’t regret it, which I suppose he wouldn’t when we was only doing it to get his missus back.

Again all of the characters had something to do in this episode and all of them (apart from Jack and Gwen) had a vision telling them that they had to open the rift in Owen’s case it was Diane again, with Ianto it was Lisa in her pre-cyberwoman persona and with Tosh it was her mother. This was a good idea as they all had to have a reason to try and make sure the rift was opened again and what better reason that to have someone who you care about, because otherwise you wouldn’t either have bothered.

With Gwen it was the possibility that she might lose Rhys, even though she did often seem to be that concerned about him, I think that she really does love him but she wants to have her normal life with him, and the excitement of her life with her mates at Torchwood as well and it is patently obvious that she cannot really have both, and at times did chose the Torchwood crew over him.

It was certainly a shock to me when Billis actually did stab Rhys because you (well I did anyway) actually believe that Rhys was safe with being in the cells at Torchwood, and even when he did leave the cells, I still did think that he might have been able to escape, but of course the rather strange Billis actually did it the end.

Billis Manger was in this episode just as odd as he was in the previous episode and we still know no more about him that we did in the previous episode. He is certainly not human, or at least not a pure human and that was much is obvious with his ability to project himself into a police cell and then being able to disappear seemingly at will.

I have heard a theory that he might be a Timelord, which as they have now mentioned Gallifrey in Doctor Who, seems plausible and I for one never believed that there was no other Time Lords in exsistence. I am still not sure that Jack is pure human either, perhaps he might be a Time Lord as well. You never know, and I wouldn’t put it past RTD at all.

There were a load of interesting ideas in this episode and it is quite possible that some of them might have made interesting storylines in their own right, such as an outbreak of the plague in modern day Cardiff, which could possibly work in a Doctor Who setting if it were done right. If I had a main criticism of the episode it was that that could have been an episode in its own right, and who is to know that it might not be in the future.

One thing that made me laugh was the little piece of rolling news on the news reports that the Beatles were on the roof of Abbey Road studios. It was nice that other temporal refugees were mentioned such as the samurai running amok through the streets of Tokyo, but I wonder why Diana wasn’t thrown back, perhaps she never actually made it through the rift, and if she had of done, would she just have vanished at the end of the episode when the rift was sealed once more?

I thought that it was quite good to see the other crew members actually standing up to Jack for the first time, although I did think Owen shooting him was probably a little too far to go, but that allowed Jack to let everyone, apart from Gwen, to know a little bit more about him. I would assume that revelation will bring the characters a bit closer together in the second series (if Jack makes it past Doctor Who this coming season that is), because they all now know that Jack is virtually indestructible. That may well change the dynamic of the crew next series.

So we now come to the end of the first full series of the first spin off from Doctor Who, and I for one can say that, for me at least, the series has been everything that it could have been and was pretty much what I thought it would have been like. I can’t say that I had particular hopes for the series, because I didn’t, but I was more than happy with the finished results and look forward to the second series.

Originall posted on Jan 11, 2007

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