Child’s Play

Torchwood Children of Earth: Day One

There really isn’t much that I can really say about the first episode of Children of Earth because it is only the starting point for the whole adventure and is full of set up for the later episodes but it certainly does make for an interesting story.

We do however meet Jack’s daughter and grandson, and Ianto’s sister and husband who we had never even heard of before. There were rumours that Jack had been married in earlier episodes but this is the first time that they have been mentioned so that was quite a nice little extra in this episode. I guess it was a bit off though that they never felt the need to see them before in the show until they actually needed something from them, although that is probably just a comment on families in general, rather than them being neglectful of their own familes!

The best lines in the episode came in the exchange between Gwen and Rhys when she was driving into England, where he asks is she has any currency and she says that she has had her injections.

Children doing strange things is always quite spooky and when they all stopped it was a rather unnerving sight (I am sure that there are times though when all parents would want their children to stop for a few minutes though!) and I expect many more scenes of spooky kids in the remaining four episodes.

I must admit that I was surprised about the character of Rupesh getting killed in the first episode as it looked for all the world like he might be a regular character in the story but Torchwood does this to you and pulls the rug from underneath your feet. I admit to being a bit surprised when he turned out to be double crossing Jack.

I also wasn’t expecting them to put a bomb in Jack’s stomach. I mean they obviously put something inside him as you saw them close the cut they had made but I wasn’t expecting that either!

Things don’t look good at the end of this episode for any member of the Torchwood team especially Jack. I mean can he survive being ripped apart? I guess we will find out tomorrow. It is certainly going to be interesting finding out.

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