It Never Rains

Torchwood Children of Earth: Day Two

In Day Two the mystery deepens as Gwen and Ianto are hunted down by this mysterious agency acting for the government. Who they are is not made clear in this episode either but they are certainly thorough and have a lot of technology that is comparable to Torchwood.

They surpass themselves in trying to kill Captain Jack first by blowing him up, and then by encasing him in concrete – but not even that could stop Captain Jack. He truly is invincible now given what happened to him in this episode and it is unlikely that he would ever die and stay dead.

Epic is one word that best describes this adventure and it is the biggest one for Torchwood to date. It is
nice to see them fighting a menace that just doesn’t stalk the streets of Cardiff and has a global significance, even though in true Doctor Who style, they are coming for the British for no particular reason other than that it’s a British television programme.

Rhys joined the story proper in this episode and he immediately becomes an integral part of the team especially as he is named in the credits at the start of the episode. I really like Rhys he thinks with his stomach first much like a lot of blokes do and he is the everyman character in the show now that Gwen was when she first joined i.e. a normal person thrown in the deep end into situations they would never normally find themselves in. It is not before time that Rhys became a more important character in the show after his couple of episodes in the limelight during the second series.

The direction is very epic and Euros Lynn in his Torchwood debut shows his directorial credentials as someone who should be directing movies as well as television. I say lets vote for him now to direct the final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise.

One thing that I do like about this Torchwood adventure is how much room the characters have to breathe and just have lots of little character moments that they simply didn’t have time to have during the first two seasons it is quite refreshing and is something only this new format would allow and, dare I say it, this kind of format really does suit the show. Perhaps if they did get another season they could do two six-part adventures rather than thirteen individual stories.

There are more questions asked in this episode such as what it is that the 456 (which is really crap name for an alien race) want and why are they returning to Earth? Why do they want Torchwood out of the way when they are known specialists in the field (even more so that UNIT who also seem to be involved)? What does John Frobisher really know and what is his part in proceedings? Is he just a middle man (which would be very typical of seventies Doctor Who) or is he even more important than that? All of these questions will hopefully be answered in the coming days, as it is only going to bug me until they are.

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