The Kids. Where Are the Kids?

Torchwood Children of Earth Day Three

Day Three is where the shit hits the fan and the 456 finally arrive on the Earth and into the secret building that the government had built for them. We don’t get to see them but we do know that they live in atmosphere of poisonous gasses and also appear to have claw like appendages and they also speak very little and when they do it is in single sentences.

The big question, though, is what do they want with the children of the earth and why will only they do? It does seem like a very specific request and is not one that is going to go down well with anyone on the Earth. We also know that they visited the Earth in the mid 1960’s and took twelve children, which the British government seem to want to keep quiet about, and it also seems that it was Jack who gave the 456 the children. Now if only twelve were enough back in the sixties why would they want 10% of all children now. That’s a bit of big jump isn’t it?

Now having Jack be the person who gave them the children on the previous visit did shock me initially, but after some thought, Jack was working for Torchwood One back in those days, and so would have had to obey orders given by them no matter how right or wrong he thought that they were, or at least that is the line that I am taking at the moment.

After spending the whole of the second episode apart the Torchwood team come back together in this episode and find an old abandoned warehouse which they christen the hub 2 (is it just me, or does that sound like a coffee shop or a trendy bar?) and try to get back to as much of normality as they can when the government wants them dead and has sent a crack team of operatives to do the job for them, who we still don’t know the identity of.

It does strike me as odd that the government are keeping the two agencies who know the most about extra-terrestrials i.e. UNIT and Torchood at bay when they are aware that there is a seemingly malevolent alien presence about to visit the planet. It just doesn’t make sense at all.

All in all this is fantastic stuff from the Torchwood production crew and I can’t wait for the final two instalments.

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