Poor Ianto

Torchwood Children of Earth Day Four

Wow. Just wow. How are they going to get out of this?

And what can I say but: Ianto! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

We know more about the events surrounding the original visit of the 456. You can see what that was easy to cover up but it would be virtually impossible to cover up something of the magnitude of 325 million children disappearing, that just aint ever going to be accepted. It was interesting to hear some of the ways the government were going to try and get away with such as getting rid of the 10% of schools that are failing according to the school league tables. Never have school league tables been used in such a macarbre way before and I am sure will never be again. Even the 456 got in on the argument by quoting the rates of infant mortality around the world as there way of rationalising their request.

If they do get another series there ain’t going to be many characters left is there? Perhaps Lois can join as a eplacement for Ianto, as she is looking to be a really interesting character if she makes it out of this story alive. The character played by Liz May Brice would be an interesting addition as well, but as she has spent the whole entire story trying to kill the Torchwood crew, I don’t think that she would be welcomed with open arms, do you? I was half expecting that Ravi to end up as part of the crew but the went and got killed at the end of episode one which put paid to that idea.

Looking forward to the finale tonight. It’s just a shame that it will all be over then and then we have the long wait to see if we get any more Torchwood or not.

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