It Started With An Earthquake

Torchwood Children of Earth Day Five

God this episode was unremittingly grim from beginning to end but was fantastic all the same. The ending was unexpected but worked within the confines of the story itself and what Jack did in this story is probably no worse than what he had done before except for the fact that this time he had no real choice or the planet would have been destroyed, not that that would be any excuse if the person in question was a member of your own family, it also had to be someone like Jack to do it, as nobody else would have made the call that he did, and there was a moment where you thought that he might not. I know that I couldn’t have made that decision and I don’t have any children, so it would be a million times worse if you actually had children. Some parts of this episode were horrific such as the army taking screaming children away from screaming parents and the fact that John Frobisher was driven to kill his wife and children rather than have to give them up to the 456. In that moment he had no other choice as, at that time, there seemed to be no hope, and he just couldn’t live with the consequences of losing his children when he was originally promised that they would be excempt.

Peter Capaldi was excellent throughout this story as Frobisher and you really felt for him when he was told by the prime minister that he family had to sacrificed so that the government could look like victims. At the end of the day he was just a man doing his job, and the real nasty pieces of work were the ones who were coming up with ideas and then not taking the responsibily, so like the real government in fact. In fact all of the guest cast in this story gave sterling performances particularly Cush Jumbo as Lois Habiba – who really should join Torchwood if she gets a chance. That is one thing that I like about this new format is that there is a lot more characterisation given to the characters in the story than there is normally, the result being that Lois has a lot more character than Tosh ever had in 26 episodes of Torchwood, which is real shame if you ask me.

This is Torchwood at its best and if the series does carry on then I hope it is like this. A lot of people have taken the ending to mean that there is going to be more Torchwood, but I just don’t see it that way. The way I see it is that this allows Jack to appear in the final specials with the tenth Doctor and then gives him ample time to return to Cardiff afterwards. On the other hand if there was no more series then the ending would be considerd a nice, neat ending for the series, so it would work both ways. I would prefer it to come back, but in a similar format to this. Perhaps there could be two 5 or 6 part stories this time. That would do nicely.

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