Sarah Jane Adventures: The Lost Boy

Well that was a suitably exciting way to end the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures wasn’t it?

It started off with a fairly interesting plot line that Luke may not be who he thinks he is with an appeal for him to return to his real parents. Of course this turned out to be a ruse by the end of the episode but for the first five minutes or so you could actually believe that it could be true. Well Sarah certainly believed it even though she was well aware that he had in fact been created by the Bane.

Thomas Knight was very good in this episode and he made us believe that he really didn’t trust this people who were claiming to be his real parents and once they locked him in a bedroom that was supposed to be his, he was sure of it.

Even Maria and Clyde saw that something was wrong but not Sarah Jane which seems a little bit out of character when you think of all the things that she was witnessed over the years.

I certainly was not expecting the double twist at the end of the first episode, particularly the Mr Smith twist. I would never have seen that coming and that was a genuine shock to me and made an exciting cliffhanger. It almost made me want to watch the second episode straight after on CBBC but I couldn’t get a signal on my telly upstairs so had to wait till the following week to see it.

The fact that the Slitheen returned in this final story was also a bit of a shock but not as much as the fact that Mr Smith was in face an evil alien intelligence hell bent on destroying the universe and everything that Sarah Jane holds dear.

The second episode as with all the episodes of this series has an awful lot of stuff to do as we never really find out what is going on till the end of the first episode leaving a mere twenty-five minutes to sort out the problem and more often than not save the world.

This story is no different with the moon being dragged from its orbit but there is only one problem the one thing that Sarah Jane knows can move the moon back into its own orbit is also the one thing that has moved it out of its own orbit in the first place.

Luckily Alan Jackson comes to the rescue doing something useful for the first time in ten episodes. The fact that he was a computer programmer who specialises in protecting computers from virus has been mentioned a few times but finally it made him be able to be of some us the story.

Maria’s mum was as annoying as ever but it was interesting that the one person that she called when she thought she was about to die was Alan and not the bloke that she was currently shacked up with.

By the end of the episode though the one thing that most of us had forgotten about (well I had anyway) was the thing that saved the day. Yes you have guessed it K9 returned. Now I know there was a reason why he was actually locked in a cupboard for the whole of the series, he was just there to save the universe from the machinations of an evil computer. Hooray for K9!

Surely The Sarah Jane Adventures has done enough to get a second series? We can but hope.

Orginally posted on Dec 07, 2007