Star Man

Sarah Jane Adventures: Secrets of the Stars Part One

When I first saw this episode I really couldn’t take Russ Abbot seriously as the villainous Martin Truman, a sort of evil Russell Grant, a charlatan who is suddenly imbued with the powers that he pretended to possess as a psychic by a freak meteor storm that only happens in Science Fiction shows. I just kept imagining him suddenly turning into Basildon Bond, C.U. Jimmy, Cooperman or any other of his most famous characters from The Russ Abbot show, or even to break out into the chorus of Atmosphere, but he played, at first at least, the part straight down the line and was actually very good for the majority of the episode till the end of it where he just became hammy for ham’s sake, which I did think was a bit of a shame.

There were some nice little references to the Doctor in this episode from Abbot’s character and he soon got under the journalists skin with comments that he couldn’t possible know, or could he?, as well as knowing quite a bit about Rani despite have never met her. It was suggested that he might have found out about it on the internet, but quite how he would know about Rani and her family unless he had powers to read people facebook or myspace accounts is another question entirely.

Rani was by now entirely ensconced within the tightly knit team of adventurers and it does seem like quite a bit of time has passed since she first met up with Sarah Jane and co but not that much time that she can say that she has only recently moved house. Of course at that age it was quite easy to become firm friends with someone very, very quickly so that isn’t really that surprising and I guess that Sarah Jane would be quite cool to have as mum, or a friends mum.

The pace of these episodes (and most children’s television it seems) are breakneck and it only seemed like five minutes before the episode was drawing to a close and we would have to wait to see what mischief Martin Trueman would get up to and whether or not Sarah and the gang could stop him.

Sarah Jane Adventures: Secrets of the Stars Part Two

Right in the previous episode con-man Martin Trueman had managed to make himself appear on every single tv channel in the world and was slowly, one by one, collection people by their star signs. It’s a good job that I wasn’t around as being a Leo I would have been one of the earliest people to get taken over by the Ancient Lights and therefore pretty useless in this situation.

I must admit that I didn’t get the little clue early on in the episode about how the problem could be solved. I don’t think it was that obvious to be honest as it just sort of happened but it didn’t even occur to me until the moment that Luke worked it out. It is a bit obvious when you think about it with hindsight but not at all when watching the episode for the first time.

As usual at the end of episode Clyde is dead proud of himself for saving the world, until Sarah Jane reminded him that it wasn’t just him who saved the world but all of them. Still that won’t stop him telling other people if only he could which, of course, he can’t. Clyde also had some really good lines such as when he was trying to convince some of the possessed people to let him into the theatre by quoting chocolate bars at them. If he had carried on what else would he have mentioned: flake, twix, Turkish delight perhaps?

Luke is certainly the K9 of the team which his unnverving ability to save the day when everyone else around him is incapacitated. It does make you wonder what would happen if any of the villains in the series actually took Luke’s situation into consideration and he wasn’t able to save the day at the last moment. His character is often the least well developed perhaps but is conversely one of the more interesting.

Clyde is more there as the comic relief and Rani, well I am not sure about what role Rani plays in the show at the moment as she hasn’t really been in enough episodes yet. She is sort of like a direct replacement for Maria in a way but not totally if you see what I mean, certainly not in the eyes of Luke anyway.

This wasn’t a bad story, and had plenty of exciting moments, but there is something missing from this series that it had in the first series, and I don’t think it is Maria either.

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