So, the new logo can be seen above.

It’s ok, I guess, and will no doubt grow on me, during the next year or so, but at first glance it looks very underwhelming. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was hoping for something a little bit more exciting than this. I mean it hardly stands out does it?

The best way that I can describe it, in my mind, is as an updated version of the Hartnell logo from 1963-1966, much like the TV movie used an updated version of the Pertwee logon from the 1970s.

It may work brilliantly in the form of a title sequence but I am not sure it will stand out in shops like the current bright orange one does so well.

My wife, who is not a fan, doesn’t like it all. She thinks it looks like something out of a comic or a cartoon.

I just don’t see the point of the DWTardis. All that makes me think of is this:

I am assuming that it is going to be the Doctor Who version of the bat symbol and will be used more for merchandising and publicity but the big question is will it appear in the title sequence as part of the logo?


Will we have to start calling the show Doctor DW Who rather than Doctor Who as in the arrangement seen above which is on the BBC publicity website?

Perhaps the Doctor will now be summoned by the TARDIS symbol projected into the sky!