I Now Pronounce You

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part One

You would have to possess a heart of stone if the idea of Sarah Jane Smith finally settling down with a man and having the perfect family that she has always wanted but you would also be a bit too much of a romantic if you really believed that it could have a happy ending. This is basically what the first episode of this story was all about it was about the joy of Sarah Jane in meeting this man, and falling in love with him, and then being asked to marry him, even though it all happened in a very short space of time.

Having said that there are couples who have married a lot quicker than Sarah and Peter Dalton did in this episode. Often these shotgun marriage only usually happen because the bride is pregnant , or because one of the parties is desperate to stay in the country, and I am sure that either could really apply to Sarah Jane.

It certainly was a whirlwind romance wasn’t it? No wonder Clyde was so suspicious. Rani was at first but that soon disappeared when she realised that Sarah was sneeking off to meet a man and poor Luke didn’t really know what to think, but he knew that this man seemed to make her happy, and he really, really did, even before he had given her the engagement ring which seems to control Sarah, so it was unlikely to be that made her fall in love wih him in the first place.

Perhaps Nigel Havers has that affect on all women, he is, after all, a natural charmer. Of course we do not know what Peter Dalton is at the moment, we assume that he is an alien, because both K9 and Mr Smith both tried to tell Sarah Jane that there was an alien prescense, but what sort of alien he might well be will hopefully be revealed in the next episode. She even mentioned that that had been other men before who she might have got with, I wonder if one of those was Harry Sullivan, well it would explain why she keeps a photograph of him up in her attic, he obviously still means a lot to her, and it would have be nice if they had of gotten together just Ian and Barbara did in fan mythos after their travels in the TARDIS.

Of course throughout the episode we also did get the sound of the TARDIS attempting to land which permeated the whole episode until right near the end when the Doctor came running it just at the bit all grooms hate when the congregation is asked if there is any reason why him and the bride should not be married. Those seconds feel like a lifetime, believe me. The interaction between Mr Smith and K9 is very funny with Mr Smith referring to K9 simply as dog and sounding as patronising as an alien supercomputer possibly can.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part Two

We find out in this episode the truth about Peter Dalton and it was nice to find out that he wasn’t in fact an alien but was in fact just an ordinary bloke who when offered the chance not to die after tumbling down the stairs but to carry on living took the offer and started the episode events. The Doctor must have discovered that this event had taken place and was desperately trying to get to Sarah as quickly as he could hence all of the TARDIS sounds throughout the first episode which were the Doctor trying to materialise.

It was actually very sad when we find out the truth about Peter especially as by that point they truly did love each other and this was the one part of the episode that was truly heartbreaking as Sarah Jane Smith cannot have the one man that she had every truly loved because if she does then it will mean that she will have to give up her life as saviour of the world.

It was actually nice to see David Tennant return as the Doctor in this episode which is odd for me to say as I have never really been a fan of his Doctor but it seems like such a long time since the last episode that it was actually nice to see him. Both Rani and Clyde were a bit wary of him at first as well they might be considering they had never met him before but I think the fact that he actually knew their names probably helped them to warm to him.

Talking of Rani she looked her actual age in this episode in her exceptionally pink dress rather than the age she is playing in the series and would actually make a good companion for the Doctor herself judging by this episode if she was playing a character of her own age that is. The Doctor himself made a nice appearance in this story working well with the three youngsters partially by making them feel very important they they were separated from Sarah Jane so that they couldn’t help her. The Trickster who must know how determined they are from his two previous appearances in The Sarah Jane Adventures really didn’t bank on the Doctor, because without him the Trickster might very well have got his wish and the Earth would soon no longer be defended.

I am glad that Peter wasn’t an alien in the end, and it was another incredibly sad ending from The Sarah Jane Adventures. This programme is wasted on kids I tell you!

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