Eternity Weeps

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Eternity Trap

After the Timelord shenanigans of last time when the Doctor came to the rescue this time we are back to business as usual in this story with the attic dwelling Earth protectors. The episode started with Sarah Jane investigating disappearances from this old house where a paranormal investigation was taking place. It turns out that for two hundred years various people had disappeared without a trace from the house and its gardens and were never seen again.

Now being as Sarah Jane has seen more things that the majority of people would see in their lifetime she was less than willing to accept that there would be a supernatural reason for the events and the possibility that there might be a more natural explanation was what piqued Sarah Jane’s attention more than the possible hauntings did. Rani and Clyde tagged along for this adventure with Luke being conspicuous by his absence.

In the first episode it was said that he was playing chess with Rani’s dad and Clyde joked that he was already planning Rani and Luke’s wedding, and in the second episode he wasn’t really mentioned at all! That will be enough to keep fan fiction writers in stories for years to come, not that they really needs a reference like that to get their creative juices flowing.

Floella Benjamin returned for her third appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures in as many seasons. Donald Sumpter played the ghostly figure of Erasmus who turned out be behind the whole thing and was in fact an alien being who had become trapped on the Earth over two hundred years ago hiding in the house (probably due to its massive network of underground tunnels etc) and posing as an alchemist tricking the owner of the time to allow him to work beneath his house to turn base metal into gold and then kidnapping people left right and centre instead all the time using the energy of the missing people for his own nefarious purposes.

The story was full of atmosphere and this was helped by the superb direction on display in this story, and because of this the story was downright spooky in some places (particularly in part one where everything was being set up) and nearly made me jump in places, if I hadn’t seen so many horror films and become so immune to shocks, unless they are not so obviously signposted, when I will jump up in the air with the best of them.

Not as good as the previous episodes, but a good piece of television all the same.

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