Where Art Thou Title Sequences

I was looking for something to do for my blog when I came across a great idea on one of my friend’s  blogs and I asked them if they wouldn’t mind if I did something similar on here. They agreed so here it is.

I love title sequences, sometimes they are great, sometimes they are cheesy, but I think that they are important to give the programme an identity that is unique to itself. In some cases you remember the title sequences more than the programme itself.

Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case with a lot of modern television (Lost, Heroes, Torchwood) which seem to do away with the title sequence entirely, and just have a what amounts to little more than a title card, and then have the production credits play over the action. I know that there are reasons for this, but I still think that is a pity that there are shows out there that don’t have a great title sequence.

Luckily there are some shows (in the UK in particular, or on cable shows in America) that do continue to have some interesting title sequences (True Blood & Hustle for example) which is lovely to see.

There are still plenty of classic title sequences out there from yesteryear to be enjoyed though, and in a new series on my blog, I will talk about some of my favourites.


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