Minuet In Hell
Release no: 19
Doctor: 8
Running time: 2 hours 28 minutes approx
Released: April 2001

This is easily the worst out of the first four eighth Doctor audios mainly because it just goes on for far too long without seeming going anywhere. I mean the first episode is about 50 minute long but feels like about two hours long. It was nice to hear Nicholas Courtney reprise his role as the Brigadier in this story and that along with the simply sublime performance by Paul McGann are the best things about this story.

It was also a good two episodes before the Doctor and the Companion met up in this story which each of them having their own little adventure. I dare say that Charley enjoyed hers a little more than the Doctor did his getting to dress up as a high class prostitute in a club not dissimilar to the Hell Fire club of the eighteenth century, rather than being locked up in an asylum not knowing who you are and having someone in the cell next to you believing that they are who you think you are.

I am sure that Nick Briggs loved saying “I am the Doctor” in this audio too.

Sadly guest star in this audio Nicholas Courtney died the other day, which sort of makes this review a bit apt, as it was a nice, full blooded adventure for the trusty Brigadier Alistair Gordon-Lethbridge Stewart.

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