At the end of the last episode of Being Human we saw someone who looked no dissimilar to Herrick being carted away strapped to a gurney like Hannibal Lector. To long term viewers of the show this was not that surprising as in the last episode of the second series Herrick was resurrected and it was only really a matter of time before he came back at some point.

Coincidentally the hospital where Herrick was taken was the same hospital where Mitchell, George and Nina work. What are the odds of this happening? Poor George got the fright of his life when he saw Herrick in the psyche ward of the hospital, understandable as he was the person responsible for Herrick’s demise when in his werewolf state.

He in turn told Nina who immediately sprung Herrick from the hospital and took him back to the B&B claiming that Herrick was some long lost relative of hers.

Mitchell absolutely hits the roof when he discovers what has happened and immediately tries to stake him the moment despite the fact that Herrick seems to have no idea of who or what he was (or at least that is how it appears to the viewers and notably to Nina).

This episode was a rather claustrophobic episode being as it was primarily set in the B&B with George being torn between helping Mitchell to stake Herrick and stopping Mitchell from staking Herrick. Poor George didn’t know which way to turn in this episode as he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t, with neither Mitchell or Nina able to comprehend why he wouldn’t side with them on this issue.

To top this off they received a visit from a social worker who was there to make sure that they were suitable people to be looking after Herrick and Cara, from the last series of Being Human, who also turns up and tells Mitchell that it was her who bought Herrick back. However Herrick has not recollection of this and treats Cara as a madwoman as he can’t work out why she kept trying to get him to drink her blood.

To make matters worse for Mitchell, if that was possible at this is moment, Herrick uncovers the journal that Graham the vampire had kept about the box tunnel incident and tells Nina that Mitchell was responsible for that. This does give the impression that Herrick is a bit more aware of his self that we had been led to believe throughout the episode, which means that things are going to get rather interesting in the last three episode of this series, especially when Nina contacts the police and tells them about the link between Mitchell and the box tunnel incident.

This was definitely an episode for the long term viewer of the show as you could not have come to this episode cold as you would have absolutely no idea what was going on and who this character was that the main characters seemed to be so scared off.

It was also a cost-cutting measure for the producers as the episode was primarily set in the one location, and was another example of a character led episode which does seem to be a bit of a trend for this season.

As an episode in its own right it doesn’t really work, but as an episode of an ongoing story it does move the plot and characters along nicely and sets up what should be a barnstorming finale.

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