The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

According to the cover Jo Nesbo is the next Stieg Larsson. Quite why this is mentioned I cannot really imagine as just because Jo Nesbo is a Scandinavian writer then he might be a bit like Stieg Larsson but in fact they are nothing alike, as Larsson is nothing like Mankell, they just happen to be writers and Scandinavian and write crime fiction, but after that the similarities end.

The Snowman tells the story of a series of murders over a period of years all of women with children and how Oslo’s finest Inspector Harry Hole bought the perpetrator to justice with the help of his team on the Oslo Crime Squad.

I really enjoyed this book it was well written, the characters were well realised and the store was full of twists and turns and there was no fewer than three occasions where we thought we had worked out who the culprit was, only to have the rug pulled out under our feet.

The plot is relatively straightforward, and once you have worked out who the killer is then you do wonder why you didn’t think like that in the first place, but you can understand why you didn’t consider them at that point in the narrative.

You can also have fun working out what songs are mentioned in the book as well as quite often it is gives you a little description of a song that is being played in the background, or a character is listening to.

This is yet another excellent crime procedural novel to come from Scandinavia. I might try and read some of the other titles in the Harry Hole series after this one.

2 thoughts on “Book 29 of the 50 Book Challenge

  1. My dad’s just bought all the Nesbo books. I’m sure I’ll be getting to them soon, when I knock off some of my ‘to read’ pile…..

  2. I have only read this one so far, but I would highly recommend it. I got two Camilla Lackberg books the other day to be read soon.

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