I am a big fan of Harry Hill from way back when he was on the radio and have always loved his surreal sense of humour and his quickfire delivery of gags and increasingly surreal stories so I was looking forward to his first book when I picked it up from the charity shop the other week.

Now having read it I am not sure what to think about it. At times it was hilarious. At times it was roll around on the floor, laugh out loud funny and sometimes the jokes missed like Tim Henham returning a serve in a Wimbledon quarter final and it was about as funny as being hit around the face with a large wet fish, very much like Harry’s stage shows and tv series.

I think that to get the most out of this book you have to be a fan of Harry Hill’s quirky sense of humour, and if you are then you find this book a laugh riot. If you simply don’t get his sense of humour then you will find this book cold and unfunny.

I am one of the former and generally found this book to be very funny and also totally and utterly bonkers, which has to be read to be believed as no description of it would ever do it justice, certainly nothing that I could add anyway!

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