Book review : Livin’ the Dreem

Livin' the Dreem: A Year in My LifeLivin’ the Dreem: A Year in My Life by Harry Hill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Livin’ the Dreem : A Year in my Life…Probably is a book by the big collared, bald comedian Harry Hill and is ostensibly a diary of a year in his life, as it says in the title, but this being Harry Hill this is not an ordinary life that us mere mortals would have, but a rather strange life that only could emenate from the surreal mind of Harry Hill.

So Harry Hill in this book lives with his mum and their dog. Nothing wrong what it, all perfectly normal apart from the fact that the dog works at the airport and also has a drink problem. Then there is his mail-order Thai bride Lay Dee who turns out to be more than meets the eye.

This is nothing compared to some of the other stuff in the book which is even more far out than all of the stuff I just mentioned such as Terry Wogan having a subterranean lair; Morrisey entering the Eurovision Song Contest; Channel 4 commissioning a series entitled 100 Favourite Trees etc (which is actually the sort of show that they probably would commission one of these days).

Harry Hill has a prodigous imagination and in this book in particularly he is allowed to run riot with it and the result is this totally barmy book which you really have to read to believe.



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