Random House of Canada’s Olympic Readathon

I am taking part in Random House of Canada’s Olympic Readathon.

Between 27th July and 12th August I am going to to try and read 1500 pages. I haven’t decided which books I am going to be reading at the moment but I am just going to see what takes my fancy. I am already two days behind so I had better get started soon!

Day 1, Friday 27th July: 0
Day 2, Saturday 28th July: 0
Day 3, Sunday 29th July: 276
Day 4, Monday 30th July: 40
Day 5, Tuesday 31st July :100
Day 6, Wednesday 1st August: 0
Day 7, Thursday 2nd August: 118
Day 8, Friday 3rd August: 112
Day 9, Saturday 4th August: 92
Day 10, Sunday 5th August: 202
Day 11, Monday 6th August: 90
Day 12, Tuesday 7th August: 110
Day 13, Wednesday 8th August: 90
Day 14, Thursday 9th Aug: 100
Day 15, Friday 10th August: 100
Day 16, Saturday 11th August: 190
Day 17, Sunday 12th August: 45




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