Superman: Red SonSuperman: Red Son by Mark Millar

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Superman Red Son is a three part comic book mini series written by Mark Millar collected into one voume that postulates a world where Superman did not crash land in Smallville but in the Ukraine instead.

This is one of the very popular Elseworlds series where a whole mythology is rewritten from a totally different viewpoint. All of the regular characters are present in this book from the Superman mythos as well as others from other DC comics (it is a whole world of fun spotting them and seeing what Millar has done with them) but some of them are not very recognisable as we know them and others are a little to close to comfort considering what they are doing in this book.

There are loads of little details in the book which takes more than one reading to appreciate at its fullest. This is a very imaginative retelling of the Superman story and one which I would recommend anyone who has a passing interest in Superman comics should read as you won’t ever really read anything quite like it ever again.

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