The Young Apprentice 2012 Week Four

This week the teams stayed as they were and Alice and David were chosen by Lord Sugar as project managers. There task was to create an afternoon tea experience and sell it to the general public at a stately home for one day only. Each team had to come up with a theme for their tea party and Alice’s team decided on a British 1940s theme although none of them seemed quite sure what a 1940s theme was and it was fun listening to them coming up with their ideas with none of them really getting the basic notion of what they were suggesting at all (which probably isn’t that surprising considering their ages and the fact that even their parents weren’t even around during the war years). David’s team came up with the idea of a mad hatter’s tea party which was actually the better idea out of the two of them.

Alice and Patrick went off to sample various teas and cakes whilst the rest of their team actually did the hard work of actually buying the ingredients and actually making the stuff for them to sell. I think they were having too much of a good time to really give a shit about what the others were up to so much so they didn’t even bother answering the phone to them when they rang.

David and Ashleigh did the shopping for their teams items. Well I say David and Ashleigh but what I meant to say was that David carried the basket and Ashleigh did the actual shopping. Due to Ashleigh’s being a trainee accountant she was very stingy with the money, which David didn’t seem to be that bothered about, not that he really had much of a chance to disagree with her! The rest of their team were set the task of making the stuff.

On the following day it was David’s team who really seemed to be making a pig’s ear out of everything with Alice’s team seeming to work very well together. This was not borne out in the final tallies with David’s team surprisingly winning despite the fact that they hardly seemed to actually get around to serving anybody.

Then the backbiting started with everyone else in the team ganging up to blame Alice for the failure of the task with particularly Navdeep and Maria being the main culprits which seemed a bit odd as they seemed to be getting on really well in the earlier part of the episode, but I guess things change when they are actually in the boardroom and in the firing line and alliances and friendships are soon forgotten.

A lot of the problems seemed to come down to the pricing which was much higher than the others teams and also the fact that they had spent far more on the ingredients than the other team had done (which is always considered a good strategy on the apprentice) which meant that they ultimately had to sell a lot more than the other team, which they just failed to do (always a recipe for disaster) even if the other team actually did worse than them in terms of sales.

That spelt the end for Alice who as project manager was deemed to be the main reason for the failure of the task which was fair enough as neither Maria nor Navdeep could really take the whole blame for what went on as they were not the ones making the decisions.

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