In week six the teams were given the task of designing and delivering away days for corporate clients attempting to give them a fun day as well as improving their business skills in to the bargain. Myles was moved back to Endeavour for this task, much to the delight of Neil. Leah was given the job of project manager for Endeavour by Lord Sugar and Francesca was given the nod for Evolve.

The first part of the task was for the teams to come up with their ideas for the day before they met up with the clients. Neil started the ball rolling for Endeavour by saying that he had been to lots of these types of events, and how that the best idea that they could go with would be a school theme, which all the rest of the team, with the exception of Leah, thought was a bloody good idea.

Leah thought that it would be classier to have a historical theme, specifically medieval. The rest of team thought that this was a bit boring and would not be fun as Neil points out everyone went to school but not everyone is interested in history.

Leah was adamant that her idea was better and so it went to a vote with four people voting for the school theme and two people voting for the historical theme and Leah decided to go ahead with the historical theme, much to the disgust of Neil who assumed that his idea would be the one that would be adopted without question.

Evolve’s brain storm wasn’t that much better but at least all of them did agree on what would be the best theme which was also the school day, what they couldn’t all agree with what was sort of events that they should be providing on the day.

Rebecca suggested a wine tasting event which did seem a bit odd for a school, or perhaps not in the school that Rebecca went too (well she is from Wigan).

Chocolate making was a possible idea as well but Luisa was not happy with that as she makes cupcakes and it would be cheaper for the team if they let her do the cupcakes rather than paying for someone to provide chocolate making equipment, and also she would probably do so much better a job (well in her mind at least).

The teams split with one of them speaking to the client’s and the others sourcing activities and shopping for the following day. Leah arrived late for their meeting with the CEO of a bank and didn’t even apologise for being late, which didn’t go down well with either the client or with Karen, as did their idea for a medieval themed event. Francesca’s meeting with her clients an online travel company went better with them actually getting there on time and not making them waiting.

Neil, Kurt and Alex were trying to come up with activities for the day and managed to get a good deal on some archery lessons. When they told Leah of this she let the bombshell that she was dropping the medieval theme for an army theme, which didn’t go down well with Alex who let Leah know in no certain terms what he thought about it.

Jason and Luisa went to meet a chocolatier who told them about what she could do but Luisa, being Luisa, decided to basically waste their time and the poor woman’s time by saying that she didn’t think they needed her as she would be able to to the job and probably better than she could but she didn’t actually make the last point but I reckon that was probably going through her head at the time. Pleased with herself for saving the team lots of money Luisa and Jason went on to try and find more activities for the following day which seemed to be a team task where they all had to work together to move themselves on skis.

Neil and co didn’t come up with any other activities for their team but did mention to Leah the possibility of sumo wrestling which Leah did not like at all, but that if there was nothing else then they would be allowed to do it, in a fashion at least. That cemented the fact that the boys were happy with what they came up with and didn’t look for anything else to do instead.

Both teams went shopping with Jordan nearly having kittens about the amount of money Francesca and Rebecca were spending on food and drink for the following day, but not actually putting his foot down and actually stopping them.

Back at the house in the evening they finished off their plans for the day and it was suggested by Rebecca that it would be a good idea to get a professional speaker in for the day rather than do it themselves as she felt that none of the team would be able to do as good a job as a professional would. Luisa and Jordan disagreed probably because, in Luisa’s case, nobody could do a better job of anything than she could herself, and Jordan, because of the cost of hiring a professional.

Endeavour had the same argument and Neil volunteered himself to do the job as he, like Luisa, thinks that he is the best choice to do absolutely anything and none of the rest of the team seemed to mind him having a go at it.

The following day the team went to their respective venues and set themselves up for the day. Both teams chose two of their teams for the important jobs of cooking and for Endeavour it was Kurt and Natalie and for Evolve it was Rebecca and Jason, all of whom decided that what they were doing were the most important parts of the whole process.

Endeavours away day started off a bit slowly with people not sure what to make of the military theme with Leah dressed in a RAF uniform (complete with shorts), Alex in full get up as a colonel and Myles and Neil dressed in suits with a bit of war paint on their faces their only concession to the military theme of the day.

It was a bit better than Evolve’s though who spent more than enough time on the meet and greet section that most of them spent the first couple of hours sat around doing nothing. Their day didn’t go much better either but people at least did like the food and also the motivational speaker. I don’t think that most of them probably thought that it was the best way to spend their time though.

People seemed to be having a much better time at Endeavour’s day with the Archery proving to be a lot of fun and they also loved Neil’s motivational speech, much to my surprise as I expected him to flop (ok I hoped that he would flop more than expected).

In the boardroom both teams were told about how their days had gone with neither team really excelling in it. Neil’s motivational speech was praised by the bankers which made Neil’s ego even larger than it was before, and Francesca’s school day was ridiculed for not making any business sense (which to be frank it didn’t really so you can see their point).

In the end Endeavour won the day by ending up with £500 more profit than Evolve. This was immediately laid at the feet of Rebecca who has suggested the motivational speaker which, had they not gone with the suggestion, might have been the difference between them winning the task or losing it, or might not have made any difference at all, but that was where they were going to say was the reason why they lost the task.

Luisa made her disgust at the whole corporate world quite clear which didn’t go down that well with anyone in the boardroom, Karen Brady least of all. Francesca was criticized for just spouting business jargon and little else and Rebecca was criticized for daring to suggest the motivational speaker when they had people on the team who could have done the job just as well, even if she didn’t believe that they would.

Francesca had little choice but to bring Rebecca back into the boardroom but chose to bring Luisa back into the boardroom rather than Jordan, who being responsible for the finances in the task, could easily have the failure of the task pinned on him, which was questioned by Lord Sugar, Nick and Karen.

In the boardroom Francesca explained herself for bringing Luisa back as it being more about her whole attitude to the corporate world and the task itself, rather than what she did or didn’t do in the task, and Luisa’s view of the corporate world did rankle Lord Sugar it seemed unlikely that she would be fired in this task at least.

It was really down to Francesca and Rebecca for the firing line and Rebecca was not really able to fight her corner as readily as Francesca was and, as a result, Rebecca was the person fired although not for that task alone, rather for not really being noticed by Lord Sugar in the any of the previous tasks.

This does seem a little harsh, as Rebecca had proved herself in the buying and selling taks but, on at least two occasions, was relegated to back room duties which I don’t think helped her cause much either.

In the end I think that Rebecca was never going to win the whole thing as she really didn’t seem the type of person who was ever going to get the far in the process due to her rather reserved personality, which is something that most of rest of the candidates cannot be said to have, but I don’t think that she should have been fired for this task, when it really should have been Francesca.


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