We are now past the halfway point of this series of The Apprentice and the final eight were all as keen as mustard to impress Lord Sugar, some more than others.

This week it was to create a new concept for a dating website and also to produce a television advertisement and pitch it to industry experts. Jordan was moved over to Endeavour for this task making the teams equal in terms of numbers.

Alex, once again, put his name forward to be project manager of Evolve and once again was not picked as they decided to go with Jordan instead, much to the chagrin of Alex who still hasn’t been chosen as a project manager. What is it about him that they don’t trust? Is it the eyebrows? Is it the whole Dracula thing? I am not sure.

After his triumph last week Jason put himself up for the role of project manager of Endeavour on the basis that he once ran a dating website whilst at university, which for some reason both Luisa and Neil , uncharacteristically, agreed with and didn’t try to take over right from the start.

The teams began brainstorming. Whilst Evolve chose to target the young professional market Jason wanted Endeavour to target the over-50s market instead which none of the rest of his team were keen on as none of them could even begin to imagine being as old as 50!

Both teams split up to do market research trying to find out what they should be doing in their campaign. Jason had the idea of doing something rather funky for the over-50s but none of the rest of team seemed to like that idea as they considered being more than 50 to be over the hill and would require something a bit fluffy and safe. The market research backed up this for the rest of the team so Jason agreed that it would be mad to argue with the research.

Alex and Jordan started work on the website and created something really corporate looking which didn’t tally with the market research who wanted something fun and interesting and also didn’t go down well with the sample of people they showed it to.

Jason and Luisa went to work on their website where Luisa spent most the time telling Jason to hurry up and make a decision in front of the designers with Jason unable to make his mind up about what colours they should use on the website as quickly as she thought that he should. This meant that they were two hours late for their appointment with the web designer which meant the website did not get finished which did not please Luisa at all, so much so that Jason abdicated the role of the project manager that evening and decided that Luisa would be a better project manager than him. This shocked the other members of the team but they didn’t try to stop it from happening.

The following day the teams shot their ads, which they were going to pitch to the execs the following day. Francesca and Neil worked together for Evolve with Alex and Leah co-directing the advert for Endeavour.

The advertisements were very different in style with Evolve’s ad showing the worst date that someone can have in the shape of Alex playing a character called Herbert who looked a bit like camp version of Dracula and Endeavour’s being the story of an older couple who meet and get together thanks to their website, but not the modern day person in their 50s, rather a person in their 50s from the 1950s.

The following day both teams (Myles for Endeavour and Luisa for Evolve)pitched their concepts and their adverts to a group of industry experts laid on by Lord Sugar who didn’t really seem that impressed by either teams’ adverts or by their pitches. After the execs gave their impressions of both teams efforts they were all called into the boardroom to see which team had won the task.

With problems on both sides with Evolve’s website not matching their video and Endeavour’s lack of a website and the fact that Luisa and Jason were rowing with each other in the middle of a design studio it was decided that Evolve had done the better job, but not by much.

It was left to the project manager for Endeavour to decide who to bring back into the boardroom but was it going to be Jason who had started off as project manager or Luisa who had taken over as project manager halfway through the task? It was decided that both Luisa and Jason would go into the boardroom with one other person. Luisa wanted to bring back Neil and Jason wanted to bring back Francesca and it was Jason who won this battle and Francesca was the third candidate to face the firing line.

Jason was immediately asked why he had chosen to step down as project manager and his only real answer was because he felt that it was in the team’s best interest for Luisa to take over as project manager; Luisa said that Jason just wasn’t doing a good enough job and she felt that she could do a lot better than him as he seemed incapable of making a decision.

Francesca couldn’t understand why she had been bought back into the boardroom for this task and she said that she was only bought back into the boardroom as Jason did not want to face both Luisa and Neil in the boardroom.

To be honest she might have had a point there as both Neil and Luisa have not been backwards in coming forwards in their opinion of Jason as a candidate, and also she had done a reasonable job in creating the advert even if it was rather cheesy.

Despite Lord Sugar’s reservations over Luisa and her attitude and her way of working with other people Jason was the one given the marching orders on this task and, to be honest, he lost it the moment that he stepped down as project manager, and probably would have gone even if he had not stepped down, as they might not have got anything at all done, and he was never going to win a fight with any of his team about who was the better candidate as they all have massive egos and think that that they are the best person for the job, which is totally the opposite of Jason.

Like Rebecca before him Jason is much too nice a person to win The Apprentice, and, to be honest, I am surprised that he got as far as he did in the process.


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