50 Who : 1972

1972: Luxembourg win the Eurovision Song Contest with Après toi by Vicky Leandros, Leeds United beat Arsenal 1-0 to win the FA Cup, Nick Drake released the album Pink Moon, The Godfather, The Getaway and Mutiny on the Buses were released in cinemas.

1972 also saw the publication of the first non-fiction book about Doctor Who entitled The Making of Doctor Who. Published by Piccolo Books it was written by Malcolm Hulke and the shows then script-editor Terrance Dicks. The book was the very first behind the scenes guide to the show to be published and was a very rare glimpse into the world to television production for the time.

This version of the book features a summary of the Doctor’s adventures to date written from the point of view of the prosecutors featured in the final episode of The War Games and also production information about a recent Doctor Who story, in this case The Sea Devils, which had been the last complete story to be broadcast prior to the release of this book.

The book was later re-written and expanded but that is a story for another time.

Later on that year Jon Pertwee inflicted this upon an unsuspecting public!


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