Book review : Bryant and May – The Invisible Code

The Invisible Code (Bryant & May,#10)The Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bryant & May and The Invisible Code is the tenth book in the series written by Christopher Fowler, and the conceit of two ageing police detectives in a world they try their best to understand, but often fail miserably, but with great comic effect, is still not getting old, staid and boring.

On the contrary, I believe that you could never get bored of reading about the exploits and adventures of these two characters and I definitely haven’t and enjoyed this book just as much as I did the previous nine books and I am sure that I will if Fowler writes any more Bryant and May mysteries, which I sincerely hope that he does.

Once again we have some rather bizarre murders that don’t seem to have a single thing in common until Bryant and May start poking their noses in; a race against time to save the units honour and continued existence; some wonderful nuggets of the history of the city of London (which are some of the most interesting aspects of these books); some interesting characters with strange habits, and some with not so strange habits, and a page turning mystery which isn’t as complicated as you originally thought that it was when you started the book, but still keeps you scratching your head for the clues right up until it is all revealed in the denouement.

Another winner from Christopher Fowler here!

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