The Apprentice 2013 Episode Ten

With only six candidates left Lord Sugar split them into boys (Endeavour) versus girls (Evolve) for this task. The task involved buying items to sell on a market stall on the first day, and then in a pop-up shop on the second day, and to keep investing the money they make into more stock.

Luisa and Myles were picked as the project managers for this task. Firstly both teams tried to work out what they were going to sell. The girls quickly agreed on fashion and went out straight away to source items. The boys took a lot longer to work out as none of them seemed quite sure on what would be the best options for them with none of them seemingly willing to put there neck on the line at this point in the task. In the end they decided on home ware, but it took them a lot longer than the girls, giving them quite a head start. Leah and Luisa went looking for stock for their stall, whilst Francesca went to scope out their competition. Myles and Neil went looking for stock with Jordan out on his own doing likewise.

Evolve started buying lots of trendy looking bowler hats, caps, beanies and leggings which they all thought would sell well and indeed turned out to be very popular indeed with all three girls being able to shift an awful lot of them over the course of the first day. The boy’s choice of items which ended up as sixteen pieces of rather expensive and rubbish looking home ware, didn’t really go down as well as the girls and both Myles and Neil had difficulty shifting them, probably because they just weren’t the sort of thing that anyone seemed to want to buy at that particular moment in time, or perhaps ever.

The girls worked out very quickly which stuff was selling well and bought lots more of them and were able to carry on selling like hotcakes, but the boys really did struggle for the whole of the first day apart from Neil who sold pretty well considering the stuff that he had in front of him.

On the second day when they both got a small shop unit to use for the day the boys had a similar problem with their products but the girls went from strength to strength with their wares. Both teams had the idea to try and by a couple of large ticket items which could make them a lot of money: the girls went for some designer dresses and the boys went for this strange piece of art which can be used to display flowers or something like that which was chosen by Jordan who had be sent out to try and find something really excellent for them to sell.

The girls did have trouble selling the dresses but at least they managed to shift some of them unlike the boys who were able to sell some of their items, but not in the numbers that they would have liked and we ended with Jordan trying to flog the expensive item that he picked up after Neil said that not even he could sell it, which is quite a statement from him, as I thought he thought that he could sell absolutely anything to anyone.

By the end of the task the girl’s team were in a much happier place than the boys were. In the boardroom the girls team were all very pally for once and didn’t have a bad word to say about each other, whereas the boys team were a bit critical of Myles for not being very decisive about what they were going to sell and about the products themselves and for Jordan for the choice of the products themselves.

When the amounts of sales were totted up added to the value of the items they had left the girls team won. This time there was no choice to be made in who was bought back into the boardroom as there were only the three of them so all of the boys team were then interrogated by Lord Sugar about what they did, and didn’t, do on this task, and we also learned a little bit about each of their business plans.

Neil once again blew his trumpet about how much work he had put in on this task and every other task come to that, and probably everything else that he had every done as well. Jordan too mentioned how much stuff that he had done on this task and the other tasks as well. Myles basically said that he did the best that he could with what he was given but that it wasn’t the sort of thing that he was used to, which has become his stock excuse over the last few weeks.

It was very quickly identified that the reason why they lost this task was down to the products chosen to sell and they all agreed that they probably weren’t the best choices but none of them seemed to be willing to accept responsibility for it. Neil will only accept responsibility for something if it works; Myles who was the project manager on this task did admit some sort of liability for it but tried to lay the blame solely at the feet of Jordan who was the person who chose some of the items, and Jordan thought that Myles was just a bad project manager and that he should have been given more instruction on what to buy if the stuff had had bought was so rubbish.

When it came down to the ideas that they had for their potential business Lord Sugar didn’t seem all that keen on any of them despite Neil instance that his idea for an online estate agency could make millions. Jordan’s idea for a business sounded like something that would be right up Lord Sugar’s street until he mentioned that there was a third party involved and Myles online version of his own luxury brand idea didn’t seem like something Lord Sugar would want to get involved with either. It wasn’t looking rosy for any of them by this point it had to be said.

In the end it was Myles who was the person fired in this episode mainly for his poor management on this task and his lack of judgement in the previous task but also because of Lord Sugar’s gut feeling about him. I must admit this was a bit of a shock as I would consider Myles to be the most investable person in the process up to that point and the safest pair of hands there as well, but I think that due to the kind of circles that Myles mixes in and the kind that Lord Sugar mixes in were never going to really work, and I think that was one of the major reasons why Myles was fired.

He clearly doesn’t need the investment either, he lives in Monaco for Christ’s sake and seems to live a playboy lifestyle, probably in the vein of Batman and Iron Man but without the crime fighting in his spare time and is probably likely to get the funding that he wants without much difficulty anyway.


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