50 Who : 1975

In 1975 The Birmingham Six are wrongfully sentenced to life imprisonment in Great Britain; West Ham beat Fulham 2-0 in the FA Cup final; The Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest with Ding-a-Dong by Teach-In; Bob Dylan released Blood on the Tracks; Tangerine Dream release Rubycon and Rick Wakeman released The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

In May 1975 Denys Fisher released a Doctor Who boardgame. The game involved players moving around the universe, using the TARDIS to skip time streams and move from planet to planet, avoiding monsters along the way.

The box has a silhouette of the Doctor and the TARDIS against a blue vortex on it and the game came with a main board, 56 cards, four coloured ‘Doctor’ counters and a TARDIS die shaker.

It was updated later in the year with a full-colour Tom Baker sticker on the cover, and was subtitled The Planet of Monsters.

There was also another game released in the same year called War Of The Daleks, where players had to fight off a Dalek Invasion and attempt to destroy the Emperor Dalek.

Click here to see what the games looked like


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