1977: Star Wars, The Spy Who Loved Me were released in cinemas; Pink Floyd released Animals; The Clash released their eponymous debut album; France won The Eurovision Song Contest with “L’oiseau et l’enfant”; Manchester United won the FA Cup beating Liverpool 2-1.

Weetabix ran a second Doctor Who promotion from March to May 1977. Each pack of cereal contained a set of three artwork cards, which could be used as playing pieces for a board game printed on the back of the box.

There were six different sets of cards to collect, depicting: Bellal, Daleks, Davros (Set 1); Vega Nexos, Aggedor, Blor (Set 2); Daleks, Gellguards, Omega (Set 3); Zygons, Krynoid, Wirrn (Set 4); Vogans, Cybermen, Styggron (Set 5); and TARDIS, Field Major Styre, Hieronymous (Set 6).

The were four different board-games: ‘Travel through Time’, ‘Race through Space’, ‘Escape from the Underworld’ and ‘Discover the Lost Planet’. All four could be found on the 24-piece ‘family size’ boxes, but only the first two were available on the smaller ‘standard size’ 12-piece boxes. Archer was not the artist for these board games.

Click here for a look at some of the cards themselves.


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