For the final task for this year’s Apprentice Luisa and Leah both had to launch their business, create a promotional video and pitch them to Lord Sugar and industry experts. To do this they were allowed to hire some of the fired candidates to help them. Leah managed to persuade all of her original choices for her team for this task with Luisa coming up short and having to hire the people that she would not have otherwise chosen such as Jason and Zee, but she did get one of her first choices in Neil.

The girls split their teams in two with some of them speaking to focus groups with the others working on the branding of the business. Both Luisa and Leah had very firm ideas on their businesses and were pretty adamant that it was there way or the highway, which you can understand as it was there idea and it would have to do be done the way they wanted whatever. Luisa started of speaking to a woman who owned a bakery business and basically just talked at her at considerable length about what she thought and not really allowing the women to get a word in edgeways.

Both girls were very particular in how their business was presented in the website, the marketing and the promotional video. Leah went for a very clinical looking website and promotional video which suited her business down to a tee. Luisa was much happier with bright and vibrant colours as long as it as pink and as girly looking as it possibly could be as she maintained that her major market was predominantly female and that she would be stupid to think otherwise.

I am not sure really what the returning candidates did in this task as the majority of their input was pretty much ignored by the girls who did what they wanted the way they thought that it should be done. For instance: Neil and Natasha who got the feedback that the pinkness of Luisa’s whole business was a bit off-putting which Luisa decided to ignore.

Leah didn’t take too kindly to the other people’s suggestions of names for her clinics as he did of some of the design suggestions that Alex came up with such as the potpourri in the waiting room which she quickly pooh-poohed and asked him to remove. In general they all worked very well together and the websites and the promotional videos were soon in the can and all that was left was the pitches for the following day.

Whilst Leah was diligently practicing her pitch, Luisa was busy making cakes for the pitch assuming that she already knew what she had to say and how it was all going to go. Luisa went first and, apart from her stumbling a little bit at the start of her pitch it all went rather well for her. Some of the people there were not sure who the business was actually aimed at i.e. the trade or the public and a few people thought that it were a bit too female orientated with more and more men being interested in baking nowadays.

Leah was very calm and collected throughout her pitch as she as at the end when she was asked about the moral implications of what she was offering and if she was limiting herself too much with the treatments that she was offering.

By this point it was almost impossible to call who had done a better job in this task and I really couldn’t have called it. The boardroom this time was a much calmer affair with neither of them really trying to score points of the other as it was pointless at that stage as there was nothing more than either of them could have done and by this stage they knew better than to try and pull the wool over Lord Sugar’s eyes. Lord Sugar deliberated over both the women’s business proposals for as long as he could get away with it and decided that he liked the riskier business offered by Leah over the safer option of Luisa’s bakery business.

I think that in the end what made Leah’s idea more favourable to Lord Sugar was Leah herself who would be far more receptive to his input that Luisa would have been and would be far easier to work with and would ultimately throw all of her energies into making their business work which you couldn’t be sure that Luisa would do with her other interests and businesses vying for her attention. There was also the fact that this business would be far more profitable than Luisa’s and would generate a faster return which was something else in Leah’s favour.

I didn’t expect either of these candidates to win the show but with the two options available for Lord Sugar in the final I would say that he made the right decision as it would never have worked out with Luisa, she would have driven him crazy,


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