1983: Return of the Jedi, Octopussy, Never Say Never Again, Superman 3 released in cinemas; Paul McCartney released Pipes of Peace, Madonna released her eponymous debut album, Paul Young released No Parlez; Luxembourg win the Eurovision Song Contest with Si la vie est cadeau by Corinne Hermes; Manchester United beat Brighton & Hove Albion, after a replay, to lift the FA Cup and Doctor Who celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

Amongst other things released in this anniversary year perhaps the most interesting, and certainly the most unusual, item bought out was Doctor Who – The Unfolding Text.

The Unfolding Text was written by John Tulloch and Manual Alvarado and was a Media Studies text book all about Doctor Who with a lot of emphasis on the recent television production Kinda amongst other stories.

It is a fascinating tome both as an example of a text book, and as a book about Doctor Who. I found it most illuminating when studying Media Studies myself in the early nineties, but I wouldn’t say that this is a book for everybody, unless you have an interest in media studies or are studying the subject and also have an interest in the fictional world of Doctor Who.

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