1986: The NASA Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated on its launch; Sandra Kim from Belgium wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, Norway with her song J’aime la vie; Aliens, Blue Velvet, Crocodile Dundee, Highlander, Labyrinth, Little Shop of Horrors, Pretty in Pink, Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home were released in cinemas; Metallica release Master of Puppets, Pet Shop Boys Please, Queen A Kind of Magic, Erasure Wonderland, Paul Simon Graceland; Liverpool beat Everton 3-1 to lift the FA Cup final.

In 1986 The Doctor Who Cookbook was released in paperback making it the first Doctor Who cookbook every published and possibly the only Doctor Who cookbook ever produced unless I am mistaken.

It is actually a proper cook book with real edible recipes that you could cook at home, just with a Doctor Who twist such as Cauliflower Cheese a la Elisabeth Sladen or Pirate Paella by visual effects maestro Matt Irvine or even Kipper of Traken from writer Johnny Byrne.

The book was accompanied by illustration by fan artist Gail Bennett alongside photographs of various Doctor Who celebs in the kitchen.

This is not only one of the more strange additions to the merchandise range but also the most useful and practical one.

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