Too Many Targets (The Avengers)Too Many Targets by John Peel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Too Many Targets is the equivalent to a reunion television movie for the classic British TV series The Avengers.

The story is very typical of the series and also features all of the main characters from the nine series of The Avengers as well as some familiar foes from the series.

This is very much an example of fan fiction written by professional writers who are also fans of the series in question. This wouldn’t be the sort of book that you would read if you were not interested in the characters that this book features and I doubt you would get very far through the book if you had not at least seen a couple of episodes of the television show either.

As a fan of the original TV series I quite enjoyed this when I first read, but not as much when I read it again recently but maybe that it because when I first read it I had been watching the series not that long before which I haven’t done in many years.

If you like The Avengers then give this a whirl; if you have never heard of the show or are expecting to read about Marvel superheroes instead then I wouldn’t even bother.

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