The Killing 2 (The Killing, #2)The Killing 2 by David Hewson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Killing II by David Hewson is a prose retelling of the plot of the second series of Danish television series Forbrydelsen.

If you had seen the television series that it was based upon then you would be familiar with the plot of this novel, although there are noticeable differences between the TV series and the novel, most notably in the ending which is quite different from that of the television series, but which also doesn’t really change the impact that the ending the television series had, well, not that much anyway.

The book works as a standalone thriller in its own right and it works well in both formats. Personally I prefer the TV series, but I really enjoyed reading this prose retelling, and getting a bit more into the heads of the lead characters and what makes them tick.

I think that you can understand them a bit better and make more sense of some of their decisions whilst reading this book than you might from just watching the television series.

I think that this is a great crime novel in its own right, but I would recommend that you watch the television series first and then read this, as I believe that you will get much more out of it that way.

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