1989 the year 96 football fans went to a FA Cup final and never went home; the year Sky Television was launched in Europe; the year The Guildford Four were releases; the year Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Police Academy 6 : City Under Siege, Fletch Lives, Field of Dreams, See No Evil Hear No Evil, Star Trek V : The Final Frontier, Batman and Licence to Kill were released in cinemas; the year Kate Bush released The Sensual World, Belinda Carlisle released Runaway Horses, Tranvision Vamp released Velveteen, Queen released The Miracle, The Stone Roses released The Stone Roses released The Stone Roses, Neneh Cherry released Raw Like Sushi and Madonna released Like a Prayer; Liverpool beat Everton 3-2 in the FA Cup final and Yugoslavia won The Eurovision Song Contest with Rock Me by Riva.

In 1989 Silver Fist released audio books based on David Banks’ excellent 1988 ‘Cybermen’ book, narrated by the author himself with original music and sound effects. There were four releases under the banner The ArcHive Tapes: Origins of the Cybermen; The Early Cybermen; The Cyber Nomads and The Ultimate Cybermen. The tapes range from 50 to 70 minutes in length and are now considered to be quite rare as it seems that they were not widely available at the time and may have only been sold in specialist sci-fi stores or mail order companies like John Fitton. All four cassettes were re-mastered and released on compact disc in 2004.

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