1991: The year the Cold War ended; Freddie Mercury dies; Sweden win the Eurovision Song Contest with “Fångad av en stormvind” by Carola; Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, The Commitments, The Doors, Drop Dead Fred, Hudson Hawk, JFK, Let Him Have It, Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves, The Rocketeer and Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country were released in cinemas; Queen release Innuendo, Morrisey releases Kill Uncle, REM release Out of Time, Chris Rea releases Auberge, Alice Cooper releases Hey Stoopid, Blur release Leisure, Guns ‘n’ Roses release Use Your Illusion I and II, Nirvana release Nevermind;

 photo TimewyrmGenesysCover_zps94297dfc.jpg

In 1991 the Virgin New Adventures made their debut with Timewyrm: Genesys by John Peel.

It was the first of more than 60 original novels that were published between 1991 and 1996 continuing the adventures of the seventh Doctor and Ace after the events of Survival. These books were meant to be more adult than the show had ever been before and promised “stories too broad and deep for the small screen,”

At the time there was a short story bridging the gap between the end of Survival and the start of the New Adventures published in Doctor Who magazine.

Genesys was the first of these novels and, is has to be said, not one of the better ones, but did have its moments and certainly lived up to its billing as being the most adult Doctor Who story that I had ever read up to that point with scenes depicting rape and companion nudity.

There were lost of other books in this series and some of them were very good indeed, but Genesys is not in that category.

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