1992: Basic Instinct, Batman Returns, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Chaplin, The Crying Game, Lethal Weapon 3, Reservoir Dogs, Wayne’s World released in cinemas; The Manic Street Preachers released Generation Terrorists, Tori Amos released Little Earthquakes, L7 released Bricks Are Heavy, Erasure released Abba-esque, REM release Automatic for the People; Ireland win The Eurovision Song Contest with Linda Martin’s Why Me?; Liverpool beat Sunderland 2-0 to win the FA Cup.

In 1992 an extremely attractive piece of merchandise was released and it was quite different to the normal sort of merchandise, and also far more expensive, making it quite sought after by a lot of fans who were unable to afford something quite so expensive.

It was chess set with all of the regular chess pieces replaced by Doctor Who characters or monsters.

There were eight Kings in the set made up of the seven Doctors and the Master; two Queens made up of Leela and the Rani; four Bishops: Kameleon, the Brigadier, a Cyberman and a Draconian; four Knights: Jamie, Adric, an Ice Warror and a Sea Devil; four Rooks: the TARDIS and a Sontaran and 14 Pawns: K9 (white) and a Dalek (black).

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