1993: the year Bill Clinton became president of the United States of America; the year two-year old Jamie Bulger was murdered; Ireland won the Eurovision song Contest with In Your Eyes by Niamh Kavanagh;  Arsenal beat Sheffield Wednesday to lift the FA Cup after a replay;  Radiohead releases Pablo Honey, Lenny Kravitz released Are You Gonna Go My Way, New Order released Republic, Blur released Modern Life is Rubbish, Paul Weller released Wild Wood; Addams Family Values, Army of Darkness, Boxing Helena, The Cement Garden, Cool Runnings, Demolition Man, Falling Down, The Fugitive, Groundhog_Day, In the Name of the Father, Jurassic Park, The Remains of the Day, Robin Hood : Men in Tights, So I Married an Axe Murderer, True Romance were released in cinemas and Doctor Who celebrated its thirtieth anniversary.

Also that year a set of 20 cards were release under the banner Doctor Who Collectors’ Cards.

The cards were: Daleks, Davros, TARDIS, a Sea Devil, a Silurian, a Cyberman, a Yeti, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, K9, The Master, an Ice Warrior, Time Lord Logo, a Sontaran, the 1st Doctor, the 2nd Doctor, the 3rd Doctor, the 4th Doctor, the 5th Doctor, the 6th Doctor and the 7th Doctor

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