50 Who : 1995

1995: Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers goes missing, Christopher Reeve is paralysed from the neck down after falling from a horse; Waterworld, Goldeneye, Batman Forever, Braveheart, Desperado, Hackers release in cinemas; Radiohead release The Bends, Sleeper release Smart, Paul Weller release Stanley Road, Oasis release (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, No Doubt release Tragic Kingdom; Everton beat Manchester United 1-0 to lift the FA Cup; Norway win the Eurovision Song Contest with Nocturne by Secret Garden.

Danbury Mint UK released a number of large Pewter figures of various Doctor Who monsters. These were some very fine and expensive items of merchandise, which would look superb on a shelf in anyone’s front room, Doctor Who fan or not.

This year there was a Cyerman, a Dalek, the TARDIS, an Ice Warrior and a Sea Devil released.

These figures retailed for around £73 when released and are likely to be worth quite a bit more nowadays.

You can see pictures of these at: http://richardwho.com/collectors/stevensmith/

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