50 Who : 1996

1996: Ireland win the Eurovison Song Contest with The Voice by Eimar Quinn; Manchester United beat Liverpool 1-0 to lift the FA Cup; 16 primary school children were killed in Dunblane, Scotland; More than 200 people were injured after a bomb exploded in the centre of Manchester; Barb Wire, Bound, Broken Arrow, The Cable Guy, The Craft, Escape from LA, Evita, Independence Day, Mars Attacks!, Trainspotting released in cinemas; Madonna released Evita, Republica release Republica, Space release Spiders, Kula Shaker release K; R.E.M. release New Adventures in Hi-Fi

This year William Hartnell’s granddaugher Jessica Carney, published a book about the life and career of her famous grandfather.

It was a rather revealing portrait of a man who we had up to this point had only heard about through other people who had worked with him on the show and it was nice to have a more unsantisied portrayal of the man from the point of view of the people who really knew him: his family. I wouldn’t say that it have people a different picture of the man, but it certainly was an interesting read about a fascinating man.

The book is being republished this year. For more info click  here

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