Musing Mondays

This week my musing is about a series of books that is begging to be made into a film series and was optioned many years ago but has been stuck in development hell ever since. That book series is Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake.

There are three books Titus Groan, Gormenghast and Titus Alone.

There was a superb BBC TV series which adapted the first two books in 2000, but I would love to see it on the big screen as I think that it could rival The Lord of the Rings trilogy for sheer spectacle and larger than life characters.

Even if they decided not to bother with the third book (which you wouldn’t really blame them, as it isn’t up to much, and has little to do with the previous two books) and you would get a couple of decent three hour films out of it, and everyone’s a winner.


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