50 Who : 1997

1997: the year Hong Kong was handed back to China from the United Kingdom; Chelsea beat Middlesbrough 2-0 to win the FA Cup; The United Kingdom won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Love Shine a Light” by Katrina and the Waves; Titanic, The Full Monty, Tomorrow Never Dies, Men In Black, The Fifth Element released in cinemas; U2 release Pop, Oasis release Be Here Now, Blur release Blur, Depeche Mode release Ultra, Radiohead release OK Computer.

In the world of Doctor Who merchandise a company began releasing a range 28mm scale Doctor Who miniatures in this year of various characters in different poses from specific television stories. Some were released in sets which are now highly collectable.

You could buy them ready painted or just the casting for you to paint yourself.

The ones released this year were: The Second Doctor from The Power of the Daleks; Zoe from The Space Pirates; Jamie from The Highlanders; Yeti from The Abominable Snowmen; Ice Warrior from The Ice Warriors; Cyberman from The Tomb of the Cybermen; Sea Devil from The Sea Devils; Dalek from Death to the Daleks; UNIT Soldier; UNIT soldier throwing grenade; The Brigadier from Battlefield; Blown up Dalek from Resurrection of the Daleks; The first Doctor from The Celestial Toymaker; Zarbi from The Web Planet; Menoptra from The Web Planet; Venom Gun from The Web Planet; Cyberman firing gun from The Invasion; Yeti attacking from The Abominable Snowmen; Lynx the Sontaran from The Time Warrior; Engineer Dalek from Death to the Daleks; Zygon from Terror of the Zygons; The sixth Doctor from The Twin Dilemma, Peri from The Twin Dilemma.

You can see images of more of these figures fully painted at Artwho9 figure painting

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