50 Who : 1998

1998: Armageddon, Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla, There’s Something About Mary, Deep Impact, Shakespeare in Love, Lethal Weapon 4, The Avengers, The X-Files, Blues Brothers 2000 released in cinemas; Madonna releases Ray of Light, Space release Tin Planet, Pulp release This is Hardcore, Manic Street Preachers release This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, Belle & Sebastian release The Boy with the Arab Strap, Hole release Celebrity Skin; Arsenal beat Newcastle United 2-0 in the FA Cup final; Israel win the Eurovision Song Contest with Diva by Dana International.

Also released this year was Doctor Who: The Television Companion

The Television Companion was an indepth guide to every televised Doctor Who story up to, and including, the 1996 television movie.

Not only are there cast and crew lists for each story you also get a list of the episode endings, memorable quotes and a comprehensive analysis of each story.

Previously the only book similar to this volume had been Jean Marc Lofficier’s programme guide published in 1981 and 1989 but though that book is still fit for purpose, this book is far more detailed and takes a more analytical approach to a programme guide than the Target version did.

This book has since been reprinted by Telos publishing and, like the original programme guide, is a must have item for any Doctor Who fan’s collection.

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