Atlantis began, surprisingly for me, in modern times with a young man searching for his father who had gone missing when going down in a submarine to look for something and never returned. The young man descends into the depths and something goes wrong and then all of a sudden wakes up shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

He gets to his feet and then takes a look around and comes across a market where for some odd reason he is chased by a two headed lizard (as you do) and ends up causing lots of damage and then takes shelter in the home of a young man who informs them that he is in Atlantis.

The young man doesn’t believe him at first but soon realises that he was in fact born on Atlantis and that his father left Atlantis when he was a baby due to some people being after him for an unspecified reason and took refuge in the other world.

He is then told that his return was foretold but that also it was best if he didn’t know who his father really was as if people find out then he would potentially be in a lot of danger.

This is the premise of the new Merlin replacement fantasy drama created by two of the creators of Merlin and the creator of Misfits. It is an intriguing, if not very original, premise which has a back-story which will be alluded to each episode and might end up being very annoying after a while.

I get the impression that he might be the son of a god (maybe even the king of the gods), but that is just my first impression without any concrete evidence for my assumption (apart from some of his feats of acrobatics)and the fact that it does remind me a little bit of the US fantasy series Hercules : The Legendary Journeys, but with more English actors.

The show looks very impressive, and there are some really great effects on display. There were some funny moments and some great dialogue mixed in with some really clunky dialogue.

The main character also doesn’t seem that bothered that he has seemingly been transported thousands of years into the past either and is taking it totally in his stride although I suppose you could argue that this is more a shock to him and that it will start to bother him in later episodes, or just an example of bad writing and characterisation. Only time will tell on that score!

I would have to say that this was a fairly good start for this series and it gives the viewers ideas of what to expect from future episodes and I, for one, cannot wait to see what they do with other myths and legends over the course of this series!