In the second episode an old man comes to Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules seeking the slayers of the Minotaur, and tells them the story that his only daughter has gone missing, and could they help him find her. Hercules doesn’t want to bother as the man has no money, but Jason feels sorry for the old duffer and so agrees to try his best to find her and bring her home. However it turns out that the girl has been taken by the Maenads who are the fanatical female followers of Dionysus which makes their task even harder but still they persist.

Near the start of the episode Jason has a bit of a rant about how he doesn’t belong in this world and how he is a bit hard done by and gets some more cryptic messages from the Oracle about his destiny and who he might actually be but we do get the comment that he is not like other men, which is not that much of a statement when we consider what we have seen of his abilities in the first episode. This strengthens my belief that he might be half man-half god with some extra special abilities but not immortal like the gods are, as that just wouldn’t work as there would be no jeopardy for the character then.

We get to meet a new character in this episode who looks like she might stick around (especially considering that she is in the titles), who the main three character all assumed to be the missing girl that they were looking for, but who turned out to be someone completely different who has a name that Jason has heard of but can’t remember what he knew about it. The girl in question’s name is Medusa.

Whether or not she is meant to be the mythological Medusa, or just a character who happens to share the name of a mythological character I am not sure at the moment, but she could well be considering she ended up getting cursed at the end of the episode instead of Jason, so you can work out what might probably happen to her in the future.

I think that she is going to be a good addition to the cast and will change the dynamic between the three other leads a bit just by her presence, and it is going to be interesting to see how much she is given to do as in Merlin the female characters only started to get stuff to do after a couple of seasons apart from the occasional plotline, or them getting randomly kidnapped and nearly killed every other episode.

The episode looked fantastic as usual and once again Mark Addy was the best thing about the episode. At the moment I am finding Jack Donnelly as Jason to be a bit bland and Robert Emms amusing enough when he is given something to do. Hopefully Jemima Rooper will stir things up a bit as Medusa.